Water heating accounts for approximately 20% of your electricity bill. Opt for appliances and products that save water and energy..

Tips on heating water

Good habits and product-buying tips

Heating water is a household’s second largest source of energy consumption. Follow our tips and you could significantly reduce your electricity bill.

How to

How to fix a leaky faucet

Got a leaky faucet? Make sure you fix it quickly. All those little drops add up! You may be wasting up to 1,600 500-mL bottles of water per month.

How to check water flow rate

Check the flow rate of your showerheads and faucets to find out if you should consider more efficient models. You could reduce your water use by 30% to 40% without a single change in your habits.

How to install a showerhead

Learn how simple it is to replace a regular showerhead with a water and energy-saving model. You can do it yourself quite quickly.

Information on products related to hot water use

ECOPEAK® water heater

Discover the benefits of the ECOPEAK® three-element water heater: superior reliability and longer life at a cost comparable to that of standard models.

Drain water heat recovery

Recovering heat from drain water lowers the cost of heating water by 20% to 45%.

WaterSense® labeling

WaterSense® labeled products are energy-efficient and offer several advantages over conventional products.

Tool to calculate consumption

Calculate the hot water used by a bathtub, shower or faucet

Learn how much hot water you use in different situations so you can make better choices.

Did you know?

Filling a 200-litre bathtub halfway uses 33% more hot water than taking a seven-minute shower at a flow rate of 9.5 litres per minute.