To respond to an RFP, you must:

  • Meet the general and specific requirements of the tender call in question
  • Prequalify for certain markets
  • Consult our list of current tender calls
  • Pay any related administrative fees
  • Submit your bid based on the instructions in the bid package
  • Comply with legal requirements and any specific Hydro-Québec requirements.
  1. Supplier

    Consults open tender calls

  2. Supplier

    Orders the bid package and pays the administrative fees

  3. Hydro-Québec

    Confirms the order and right to bid

  4. Supplier

    Downloads the bid package

  5. Supplier

    Prepares the bid

  6. Supplier

    Submits the bid to the Bureau des soumissions [bid office] as per indicated

  7. Hydro-Québec

    Studies the bids received

  8. Hydro-Québec

    Grants the contract