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An upgrade with multiple possibilities

In Dolbeau-Mistassini, as with many medium-sized cities in Québec’s more remote regions, the municipal pool is an important part of local life.

In 2018, after close to half a century of good and loyal service, the City’s aquatic facilities were starting to show their age. What to do: salvage and upgrade, or build anew? The passing years had decidedly taken their toll, so the decision was easy. Rebuilding was clearly the better solution, presenting as it did the opportunity to add a state-of-the-art sports facility to the existing arena. Along with a new pool, the complex would also include a gymnasium, weight rooms, spinning areas and locker rooms—all of which was welcome news to the community of 14,000. For the City, the project was also a chance to put its green values into practice, in particular by opting for energy-efficient solutions.

« Our goal was clear: we wanted to lead the way by building an energy-efficient municipal aquatic facility and inspire other municipalities to follow suit »

— Paul Morel, the City’s sports coordinator.

Innovative solutions to optimize energy performance

The municipal project team set about making this vision a reality. For the design and construction, they contacted Ambioner, an engineering firm specialized in building electromechanics and energy efficiency. Energy efficiency engineer Félix Robert and his team guided the City throughout the process.

Together, they targeted a host of measures whose cumulative energy savings will become more significant with each passing year.

The new complex’s efficient equipment includes:

  • Condensing heat recovery equipment (heat wheel)
  • A 100% fresh air HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system with a variable frequency drive
  • Energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • A solar wall for preheating air inside the aquatic facility

Total anticipated energy savings? Some 220,000 kWh yearly, equivalent to:

  • About 170,000 dishwasher cycles
  • About 110,000 dryer cycles

Accessible financial support

Ambioner also helped the City tap into some welcome financial support for the project’s energy efficiency measures. Félix Robert turned to the Simplified Option of Hydro‑Québec’s Efficient Solutions Program.

Thanks to the OSE tool, just about everything from calculating the amount of financial support to submitting the application was able to be done online. For Robert, who’s well versed in financial assistance for projects of this kind, the OSE tool is key. “Across Québec, when it comes to financial support for energy efficiency, there really is no easier process or tool than OSE. You just need to enter the type of equipment installed, then submit your application. It takes little effort and the support is very quickly available, making completing your project so much easier.”

New potential thanks to the Customized Option

Some of the measures applied to the new Dolbeau-Mistassini Aquagym Complex needed to get the okay from Hydro-Québec. Engineer Jean-Guy Duchaine, who travelled to the site to confirm the project’s compliance, was impressed by the quality of the construction.

His visit would end up benefiting the City further still. In examining the configuration of the premises, Duchaine saw the potential for yet another energy efficiency measure: recovering the heat produced by the refrigeration system used for the indoor rink. He discussed it with the City, which—with the help of Ambioner—is currently implementing his idea under the Customized Option of the Efficient Solutions Program.

Knowing who to talk to

Dolbeau-Mistassini’s new sports complex is a resounding success—so much so, in fact, that other municipal administrations have been showing up to find out more and get advice. Morel points out a major factor in the project’s success: getting expert advice. “You have to surround yourself with the right people. Talk to the experts, like the Ambioner team. Talk to Hydro-Québec’s people. They work in the field, they’re on the ground and they can help you maximize your project’s impact.”

For Robert and his colleagues at Ambioner, partnering with Hydro-Québec on any project that concerns energy performance is a must. “One of the key strengths of the Effective Solutions Program is that our Hydro-Québec contact is someone who’s involved in these programs and who knows all the tools and measures. Whether for questions or site visits, we can contact this person directly and we know we’re going to get quick feedback. These exchanges and meetings strengthen the connection between the consultants and Hydro-Québec’s technical team, making it possible to build a relationship of trust and offer solutions that are really adapted to our client’s needs.”

About the Efficient Solutions Program

Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Solutions Program helps businesses implement energy efficiency measures by offering financial support. The program’s Simplified Offer presents over 200 pre-approved energy efficiency measures. Through the OSE tool, customers can see the amount of financial support available for each one.

And for any measures not covered by the Simplified Offer, the program also has a Customized Option for measures that are more complex, innovative or tailored. It’s one more way for customers to benefit from the financial support offered by Hydro-Québec to improve building energy performance while saving on energy costs.

Hydro-Québec also offers incentive compensation to project partners and aggregators, particularly consulting firms like Ambioner who guide their business clientele through their projects.

About Dolbeau-Mistassini

Located on the northern shore of Lac Saint-Jean, the city of Dolbeau-Mistassini is renowned for its natural beauty and its reputation as the wild blueberry capital of the world. The 14,000 people who live in this exceptional setting, surrounded by rivers and forests, are known for their kindness and hospitality and are fiercely protective of the region’s natural beauty. Forestry is the backbone to this vacation destination and living environment where respect for the environment, sustainability and innovation are key to its development.

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