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The project

In the agri-food industry, production requires switching between hot and cold environments numerous times—processes that require a significant amount of energy and lead to heat loss. Among the solutions to recover the energy for other uses was the installation of heat pumps, which circulate heat in a closed-loop system rather than venting it outside and wasting it. In addition, the replacement of the chlorofluorocarbon (Freon) refrigeration system by a carbon dioxide (CO2) system reduced Fruit d’Or’s energy use.

Under the Efficient Solutions Program, Fruit d’Or received financial support totaling over $300,000, which shortened the payback period on its investment in energy efficiency measures. The new heat pumps alone led to over $23,000 in annual energy savings.

Beyond the financial benefits, it was the environmental impact that motivated Fruit d’Or managers and employees to find solutions.

“For our company, energy efficiency improves our bottom line. It also creates engagement among employees and even attracts job seekers, who are increasingly aware of the companies’ actions. It guarantees that we’ll be here for the long run because we’re meeting society’s needs.”

— Martin Le Moine, President and Founder, Fruit d’Or

Business partners: Fruit d’Or and Hydro-Québec

The collaboration between Hydro‑Québec and Fruit d’Or is a business partnership in which experts contribute to the company’s decisions by putting forward solutions that have a tangible impact on its activities. By taking part in the project’s development, Hydro‑Québec was able to conduct analyses and recommend actions that could then be aligned with the company’s objectives.

Thanks to the Efficient Solutions Program, Fruit d’Or was able to fulfill its ambitions. Several other projects that are currently underway will further the social responsibility plan set out by the company, which aims to have a positive impact on the community.

About Fruit d’Or

Quebec flagship and world leader in the cultivation and processing of organic cranberries and organic wild blueberries, Fruit d'Or stands out for its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint. It attaches great importance to natural resource preservation and continues to seek ways to improve its energy use and have a positive impact on the community.

For over 20 years, Fruit d’Or has grown and distributed berries to over 50 countries around the world. With its world-class expertise, the company has carved out a place for itself as a market leader and is recognized for its determination to contribute to sustainable development. Sound resource management is a priority. In an effort to be more energy efficient, Fruit d’Or turned to Hydro‑Québec.

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