Planning on buying a new home or renovating your current one? Aim for better efficiency and save in the long term. This section contains tips and tools to undertake minor and major renovations to reduce your energy consumption.

Planning renovations?

If you are planning major home renovations, consider including work to minimize air leaks and heat loss through your home’s thermal envelope. By keeping heat inside your home in the winter, you’ll lower your energy use and your electricity bill.

Eliminating air leaks and insulating your home

LogisVert Efficient Homes Program: Get financial assistance to implement energy efficiency measures

Planning renovations? Is it also time to replace some of your home’s appliances? Find out about the energy efficiency measures available to you (e.g., stoves, efficient heat pumps, roof insulation and caulking) and the financial assistance you could receive for implementing them. In addition to improving your energy performance, the LogisVert Efficient Homes Program will help you save on your renovation costs!

More on the LogisVert Efficient Homes Program

Become a Hilo home and save!

If you are planning to change your thermostats, it’s the perfect time to make the move to a Hilo smart home! With the Hilo app, you’ll be able to control the heating, lighting and various connected devices at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

In addition to saving on your Hydro‑Québec bill, you could receive on average $135 in cash rewards each winter for taking up challenges to reduce your consumption during winter peak periods. Take advantage of a complete offering of connected devices, installed for free, starting at $39.99 with a 3-year commitment. (Some conditions apply.)

The ECOPEAK® water heater, an eco-friendly choice.

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$100* rebate when you buy this water heater designed in Québec.

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*Offer valid until December 31, 2023. The discount is calculated after taxes. Certain conditions apply.
ECOPEAK® is a trademark property of Usines Giant Inc.

Whatever the extent of your renovations, you have everything to gain from being energy wise and choosing energy-efficient products.

List of energy-efficient products

Are you thinking of installing a heat pump? Hydro‑Québec is offering financial assistance for the installation of an eligible efficient heat pump.

Efficient Heat Pump Program

Major renovations

The Rénoclimat® program created by Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) provides support for renovation projects to help maximize your savings. Certified advisors are available to assess your home’s energy efficiency and conduct a blower door test to quantify any air leaks. Based on the results, the advisor will give your home an energy rating and suggest retrofits to improve its efficiency.

Find out more about Rénoclimat® program

Innovative Projects program

The Innovative Projects program promotes the creation of housing developments with very high energy efficiency.

Hydro‑Québec is offering financial incentives to real estate promoters and building contractors to encourage them to develop projects that optimize a building’s energy consumption through the use of high performance technologies and the installation of innovative electromechanical systems.

Learn more about the Innovative Projects program.