Monitor the energy performance of buildings

If you give ESPM access to your energy consumption data, they can help you to:

Sharing data with ESPM

To enable Hydro-Québec to automatically share your consumption data with the ESPM tool, you must give your permission and create an ESPM account. Here are the steps to follow.

Give Hydro-Québec permission to
share your data with ESPM

Access your Customer Space and give Hydro-Québec permission to share your data with ESPM.
You’ll obtain the credentials you need to activate the service. No Customer Space? Create it now!

Create an ESPM account and set up your buildings’ profile

  1. Go to the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager website and create an account.
  2. Enter the information about the property(ies) and meters you’re responsible for.

Connect your ESPM account to Hydro‑Québec web services

  1. From your ESPM account, under Contact, access Hydro‑Québec’s web services.
  2. Select the properties to share and enter the credentials for each meter so that the data can be shared.

If you are not solely responsible for the electricity service

If you own a building with rental spaces or are a co-owner and jointly responsible for the electricity service, or if you own a building with individual meters for which you cover the electricity costs*, you must follow these instructions:

  • From your Customer Space, get an aggregation code. This code allows you to share your electricity consumption data in aggregate form for all occupants of a building for which you do not receive the bill*.
  • You’ll need to enter this aggregation code into your ESPM account. After that, the data from all the units will be shared in aggregated form.

* This service is available if the building has a minimum of 10 meters associated with the same type of use (residential or commercial).

If you experience technical problems with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool, please contact us at

Quick start guide

Here are the steps to follow to configure automated sharing of your consumption data with ESPM.

  1. Access ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) self-service from your Customer Space.

  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions for allowing your data to be shared with ESPM.

  3. Retrieve your identification token and, if applicable, an aggregation code.


If the account is associated with an organization, you must be the account manager or a duly authorized agent with a valid proxy for the data transfer to take effect.

The end of a contract with Hydro-Québec terminates the data sharing.

Permission to share the data may be withdrawn at any time. To do this, go to the Profile section of your Customer Space, under the Permissions tab.

  1. Create an account in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.
  2. Create a profile for each of your properties. Enter general information about the properties (use, square footage, etc.).
  3. Identify an electricity meter for each property. Ideally, give each meter a descriptive name you’ll be able to recognize.


You can consult the Ville de Montréal’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager user guide [PDF 2.6 MB – in French only] for detailed information on the various steps.

  1. In the top menu, under Contact, select Add new contacts/connections.
  2. In the Username field, search for "Hydro-Quebec", without the accent.
  3. Click on Connect.
  4. Click in the I agree to my provider’s terms of use box, and then click on Send a connection request.
  1. Select the properties and meters to configure the automated download.

    • In the Sharing tab, select Share (or change access to) your properties.
    • Select the property(ies) for which you want to configure the data transfer.
    • Under Select people (accounts), choose Hydro‑Quebec Web Services (Hydro‑Quebec).
    • Under Choose permissions, select Custom sharing & data exchange ("custom commands").
    • Press Continue.
  2. For the selected property(ies), choose Full access. In the table, on the Hydro-Quebec Web Services line, select Data exchange.

  3. Set the access permissions based on the following terms:

    • Property information: Full access.
    • Energy meters: Full access.
    • Goals, improvements and checklists: Read‑only access.
    • Recognition: No access.
    • Share forward: NO
  4. Enter the identification data according to your situation:

    If you’re solely responsible for the electricity service

    For each meter under your responsibility, enter:

    • the meter number that appears on your bill;
    • the identification token provided in your Customer Space.

    If you aren’t solely responsible for the electricity service

    For the parts of your buildings that are concerned, enter:

    • the aggregation code obtained from your Customer Space;
    • the identification token provided in your Customer Space.

    Do you own a building with individual meters and pay the electricity costs for all the units?

    This applies when your bill says "Responsible owner and tenant occupant" or "Responsible between rentals". For the parts of your buildings that are concerned, enter:

    • the aggregation code obtained from your Customer Space;
    • the identification token provided in your Customer Space.
  5. Click Apply selections and authorize the exchange.

  6. Press Share property(ies) to confirm the selections and permit the data sharing.

To see if your requests are being processed successfully, click on Notifications in the top menu of ESPM.

The day after your application is accepted, ESPM will contain your consumption data for the previous 36 months. If there are overlaps, delete the duplicate periods.

Data update frequency

  • Consumption data will be updated within 30 days of a bill being issued.
  • Aggregated data will be presented on a monthly basis and made available within 90 days. For example, consumption data as of December 31, 2022 will be available around April 1, 2023.


If the data transfer fails, please verify that the credentials you have entered are correct and try again.

If you have any technical problems with ESPM, please contact us at