To allow its Rate M industrial customers to benefit from hydroelectricity, Hydro‑Québec has introduced the Industrial Revitalization Rate. In effect since April 1, 2019, this rate applies to Rate M customers using electricity primarily for an industrial activity and undertaking to return unused production capacity to operation or to convert an industrial process that is currently powered by fossil fuel to electricity.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have a Rate M contract or become eligible for Rate M with the implementation of your project.
  • The maximum power demand must have been at least 500 kW during a consumption period in the 12 consecutive monthly periods preceding the sign-up application.
  • The new load to be served must represent at least 250 kW in additional demand. This load must not be the result of production transfers between facilities of the same company or of different companies in Québec.
  • You must commit to the new rate for at least three consumption periods during the 12 consecutive monthly periods following the sign-up date.

A profitable offer

Competitive rate

The most attractive aspect of the Industrial Revitalization Rate is that the supplementary electricity is charged at the avoided electricity cost, though it cannot be lower than 3.876¢/kWh.

The supplementary electricity is the energy consumed in addition to your historical demand, which is based on your consumption in the 12 monthly periods prior to your sign-up date or on any other method that is representative of your consumption profile prior to the implementation of your new project.

Carbon market

Have you joined the carbon market? By converting your industrial processes to electricity, you could resell your GHG emission units and contribute to Québec’s energy transition.


The Industrial Revitalization Rate for Rate M customers is subject to certain conditions.

  • The supplementary electricity consumed must not cause your power demand to exceed the available power determined by Hydro‑Québec for your electrical installation.
  • In some instances during the winter period, Hydro‑Québec may ask you, on two hours’ notice, not to consume supplementary electricity supplied under this rate, based on system management requirements and availability.

Have questions? Need assistance?

Your project is important to us. Hydro‑Québec experts can guide you in your expansion or conversion project right from the design phase and help you take full advantage of this rate. For further information, contact our customer services department at 1 800 463‑99001 800 463‑9900.

Hydro‑Québec, your partner in business.

Maximum power demand

Maximum power measured during a consumption period. It is the higher of the following two values: real power in kilowatts (kW), or a percentage (90% for domestic rates and small- and medium-power rates, or 95% for large‑power rates) of the apparent power in kilovoltamperes (kVA).

Consumption period

Period during which electricity is delivered to the customer and which extends between the two dates used by Hydro-Québec for calculation of the bill.


Total amount of electricity supplied at a given time. Expressed in kilowatts (kW), power is the combined effect of voltage, expressed in kilovolts (kV), and current, expressed in amperes (A).

Winter period

Period from December 1 through March 31 of the next year, inclusive.