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A credit of $96,959.15 at the end of winter 2022‑2023

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Sustainability has always been a cornerstone of duBreton’s raison‑d’être, so it was only natural for the organic pork producer and processor to support the many decarbonization initiatives undertaken across Québec. The company has found a wealth of opportunities to optimize and reduce its energy use during winter peaks in its own processes—small no-cost changes that really pay off!

A sensible decision

In its processing facilities, duBreton carefully uses a full range of temperatures, from well below freezing to heat high enough to ensure the equipment is thoroughly sanitized.

It was through their conversations with Hélène Ouellette, a Hydro‑Québec Account Representative, that duBreton’s leaders realized how much the company could benefit from the Demand Response (DR) Option, a flexible solution that would enable them to choose the most effective measures to optimize their credit without hindering productivity.

That was all it took for duBreton to pore over all its processes and explore different scenarios. A host of ways to limit its power demand during winter peaks emerged.

“We ran some tests, and the numbers and the results convinced us. So we decided to move forward.”

— Éric Belzile, duBreton’s Maintenance Supervisor

The right energy at the right time

When they receive a peak event notification, the employees tasked with applying the demand response measures set in motion a series of simple actions that significantly lower duBreton’s energy use when it matters.

For example, when a peak occurs, duBreton takes advantage of dual energy by using its propane boiler system rather than its electric one. When the production cycle allows, some of the compressors that cool specific areas are paused without ever compromising food safety, and the heating is turned down in strategic sections of the plant. And so on.

Thanks to all the measures implemented during the six peak demand events that occurred in winter 2022‑2023, the duBreton facilities in Rivière‑du‑Loup curtailed an average of 1,426.7 kW. The electricity savings lowered duBreton’s monthly energy bill and led to credits totaling nearly $97,000.

Three key figures associated with the Demand Response Option at duBreton in 2022‑2023

6 peak demand events

1,426.7 kW curtailed

$96,959.15 of credits

Professional guidance

After each peak demand event, Hélène Ouellette analyzed the plant’s consumption data to make sure duBreton was participating to its full potential.

“I wanted the company to achieve its best performance and receive the highest possible credit,” the account representative explained.

DuBreton appreciated this tailored support. “We felt guided, supported, in a personalized way,” said Pierre‑Yves Arsenault, Director of Operations. “Organizations that are considering signing up for the DR Option will really benefit from talking to their representative.”

Responsible actions for tomorrow, today

Today, duBreton is very pleased with its decision to follow the recommendation of its account representative. Over and above the financial benefits of the DR Option, the company is upholding the values it espouses.

Since duBreton’s founding in the middle of the last century, its leaders have always sought to act with the utmost respect for the environment and animals, to innovate and to strive for excellence. Through responsible energy management, duBreton is contributing to something bigger than itself by playing a part in the energy transition and the collective effort to decarbonize Québec’s economy.

“With the Demand Response Option, we achieved substantial savings and remained aligned with the sustainability principles we adhere to. And we did it by relying on the technologies and equipment we already had,” said Mr. Arsenault. “Our operations were never at risk, and duBreton is proud to have participated in the efforts required to increase the reliability of Québec’s power system.”

On the heels of a very successful first year, duBreton is now exploring ways to make an even greater impact over the coming winters.

About duBreton

Viandes duBreton was founded in 1944, when Napoléon and Adrienne Breton acquired the general store in the heart of Saint-Bernard, in the Beauce region, with the determination to build a responsible company driven by excellence.

Today, duBreton operates four processing plants, including one in the United States, a mill, a grain center and several farms in eastern Canada. Over the years, the producer and processor of organic pork has carved an enviable place for itself through certified farming methods that far exceed industry standards.

With a mission to bridge the gap between the farm and consumers who respect the environment and animals, duBreton has established itself as one of North America’s leading food suppliers by building on its core values of sustainability, teamwork, innovation and excellence.

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