Efficient heat pumps Get financial assistance covering up to 90% of costs

Install efficient heat pumps in your buildings, and you could receive financial assistance covering up to 90% of your investment and benefit from substantial savings on your electricity bill.

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In June 2023, the financial assistance for the purchase of heat pumps was increased! Use the OSE calculation tool to submit your request.

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Financial benefits and so much more

Why choose a heat pump for your business?

  • Quick return on investment:

    The financial assistance could cover up to 90% of eligible purchase and installation costs for small businesses and up to 75% of eligible costs for medium and large businesses.

  • Savings on your electricity bill:

    Some heat pumps can be up to four times more efficient than electric resistance heating systems (baseboard heaters).

  • Influence:

    Play a leadership role by contributing to the collective effort to be more energy wise as Québec moves towards decarbonization.

Why advise your customers to choose a heat pump?

  • Increase your revenues:

    Increase your revenues thanks to incentive compensation and help your clients reduce their investment costs by benefiting from the financial assistance offered by Hydro‑Québec.

  • Expertise:

    High-end solutions like efficient heat pumps help develop leading-edge market expertise.

  • Decarbonization of Québec:

    Become an energy transition leader by supporting your customers through this shift.

Models that meet the needs of every business

Aerothermal heat pump Commercial and institutional buildings

Recovers or releases the heat from the outdoor air, transfers it to the buildings by circulating a refrigerating fluid (refrigerant) through pipes and distributes it throughout the building.

Aerothermal heat pump spec sheet [PDF 287 kB ‑ in French only]

Variable refrigerant flow heat pump Office buildings, hotels, schools, large residential buildings

Cools or heats specific areas by circulating a refrigerating fluid (refrigerant) from an outdoor component to several indoor units connected by lines and equipped with a regulation control system.

Variable refrigerant flow heat pump spec sheet [PDF 312 kB ‑ in French only]

Geothermal heat pump Commercial and institutional buildings

Transfers heat or coolness from the ground to the heat pump through an underground system that connects the well to the building’s distribution system (heating, ventilation or air-conditioning).

Geothermal heat pump spec sheet [PDF 308 kB ‑ in French only]

Better energy efficiency is within reach for all businesses!

Find out how a business like yours could benefit from financial assistance and recurring savings by carrying out inspiring projects.

Commercial – Small businesses

A gourmet food store or retail business that purchases and installs mini-split heat pumps and energy-efficient appliances and electronics could receive $25,975 in financial assistance.

Commercial – Medium and large businesses

A real estate developer that includes wall-mounted heat pumps and heat recovery systems in a new residential building could receive $276,220 in financial assistance.


A school that installs geothermal heat pumps and implements energy efficiency measures could receive $217,710 in financial assistance.

More inspiring projects

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Efficient solutions for your business

Hydro‑Québec will work alongside you to help you with your energy efficiency projects.

From the planning stage to the implementation of your project, you will find the financial assistance and support your business needs to actively contribute to the collective effort to decarbonize Québec.

Energy analysis

Get up to $50,000 for an energy analysis. Find out how much you could save with your facility and target the most economically viable projects for your business.

Learn more about the energy analysis

Financial assistance

Receive financial assistance that is tailored to your company’s reality and receive substantial financial assistance to purchase energy‑efficient equipment and implement energy‑wise measures.


Specialized companies that support business customers in their energy efficiency projects are entitled to receive financial incentives.

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