VigieLigne’s Possibilities:

  • Access your latest consumption data—including the most recent 15-minute interval—anywhere, anytime
  • Get to know more about your energy use habits
  • Simulate bills based on Rate L or M
  • Estimate the amount of a bill and make budget forecasts
  • Save time with preformatted reports
  • See the impact of decisions on your electricity consumption by monitoring:
    • power demand and associated cost
    • your equipment’s load factor
    • interruptions if you have signed up for the interruptible electricity rate option.

Obtain Specific Measurements and Analyses:

  • electricity consumption (in kWh, kVa, kW, kvar)
  • up to 16 consumption periods per metering point on request
  • power demand profile
  • data extraction for each meter
  • power factors and load factors
  • comparison of consumption periods
  • peak hourly or daily demand
  • savings through power management (ability to monitor changes)
  • on-demand analyses.

In addition, VigieLigne service data can be easily exported to an Excel workbook for custom analysis.

VigieLigne provides information to help you improve plant efficiency.

Advantageous and available

Sign up for the VigieLigne service and you can count on a team that offers:

  • round-the-clock technical support
  • software installation
  • training tailored to your company’s needs
  • assistance in interpreting the data
  • consulting services on how to optimize your electricity consumption and save.

VigieLigne is offered at a very competitive price. You can make a single payment or have 12 equal installments added to your electricity bill.

Number of licences Annual cost
First licence $2,431.20
Second or third licence $607.80 each
Additional licences $121.56 each

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