Nature of the project

Existing facility


The following devices or measures were installed:

  • High-efficiency cooling system with variable speed drive (VSD) compressor
  • LED fixtures featured on the DLC Premium list in a 10,000-m2 office building
  • Adaptive controls
  • Heat wheel (heat recovery from fresh air)
  • VSD-equipped 100% fresh-air HVAC systems
  • Thermal storage unit (hot water storage tank) for power management
  • Drain-water heat recovery
  • Additional roof insulation
  • Triple-glazed windows

Area of activity

  • Commercial (e.g., head office of a large corporation)

financial assistance $247,610

Project details

Measures implemented Financial assistance
Installation of a 250-TR water-cooled centrifugal chiller with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 21.50 Btu/hr/Watt $10,945
Cooling system with variable speed drive (VSD) compressor $4,550
Installation of a 65,000-litre thermal storage unit (hot water storage tank) (difference of 47.5°F) $99,600
1,000 LED light fixtures (3,500 lm) featured on the DLC Premium list installed in open-plan areas (support of $21.50/unit)** $21,545
Installation of adaptive controls (support of $9,75/unit**, or 45% of per-unit support) $9,695
Installation of 100 light fixtures (800 lm) featured on the DLC Premium list in the corridors (support of $5/unit) $490
Heat recovery through the heat wheel installed on the 100% fresh-air intake system (10,000 L/s) $62,360
Variable-frequency drive with CO2 sensor installed on the 100% fresh-air intake system $21,520
10 drain-water heat recovery systems installed (support of $250/unit) $2,500
1,000 m² of roof insulation installed (heat resistance of 1.50 m²∙°C/W) $4,895
800 m² of triple-glazed windows installed (U = 1.60 W/m²∙°C) $9,510
Total $247,610*
*Figures are rounded.
**Receive an extra 45% when you install adaptive lighting controls.

Benefits of the measures and program

  • Heating
    • Reduced heating needs due to improved thermal envelope efficiency
    • Reduced power demand due to the thermal storage unit
  • New cooling system
    • Less electricity used for air conditioning
  • LED lighting
    • Guaranteed energy efficiency of LED fixtures qualified by DesignLights Consortium
    • Up to 48% less electricity used when lighting with DLC Premium light fixtures compared with the market benchmark
    • Save even more with adaptive controls designed to adjust lighting to meet needs
  • 100% fresh-air intake system
    • Reduced heating costs through heat recovery and installation of a VFD with a CO2 sensor
  • Reduced domestic hot-water heating costs due to heat recovery systems
  • Simplified financial assistance calculation with the OSE tool

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