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Participation in the Demand Response Option

A credit of close to $70,000 for last winter

Total curtailment of close to 1,100 kW last winter

A co-op that contributes to the local economy

Located in the city of Québec region, the Coopérative des consommateurs de Lorette, better known as Convivio, has 22,000 members. In addition to operating three IGA Extra supermarkets and a commercial kitchen, Convivio also owns a real estate portfolio. Always on the lookout for ways to improve, the co-op has undertaken various initiatives to optimize its energy use. The result? Convivio contributes to the energy transition while reducing its operating costs ― an approach roundly applauded by its members!

Tech solutions that bear fruit in winter

By signing up for the Demand Response (DR) Option, Convivio gets a credit on its bill in exchange for reducing its power demand during very cold weather. But how can it do so without affecting the integrity of its supermarket products? The key: taking advantage of simple, effective technological solutions.

  • All three supermarkets are equipped with a generator that provides the electricity needed to run the store and preserve food quality.
  • To facilitate participation in power demand reduction requests, generator starts and stops are automated at all three stores.

Through these two technologies, Convivio has obtained a credit of close to $70,000 with the DR Option and curtailed close to 1,100 kW during the 2021 winter period. Clearly a rewarding solution!

Taking stock of GHG emissions

During peak periods, companies sometimes resort to other energy sources to reduce their power demand while maintaining their operations. These energy sources generate very small amounts of CO2 compared to the GHG emissions generated by the energy that Hydro-Québec would have to import from outside the province to meet overall demand.

“At Convivio, we make every effort to be a green corporate citizen. Demand management is one of the many measures implemented in our supermarkets. It also helps lower our power bill. The key to success? Partners who advise us on the best technologies to use.”

— Dominic Pilote, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Coopérative des consommateurs de Lorette

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Effective measures all year long

Keeping its sights on innovation and on smart energy management, Convivio strives for continual improvement. The energy efficiency measures the co‑op has implemented have generated annual energy savings of $161,000.

  • Smart hoods with sensors monitor temperature changes and detect smoke and steam to adjust airflows.
  • The refrigeration systems at all three supermarkets now run on carbon dioxide (CO2), which is far less energy intensive and less harmful to the environment than synthetic refrigerants.
  • These CO2 systems also recover heat for space and water heating.
  • A control system captures refrigeration system data and optimizes its energy use by taking the outside temperature into account.
  • A misting system in the produce section sprays fine water droplets onto the fruits and vegetables to ensure freshness, reduce energy consumption and avoid over‑packaging.
  • DLC-certified LED lighting in the supermarkets uses less energy.
  • A load management system equipped with a load controller helps manage peaks effectively.
  • Refurbished building electromechanical systems ensure optimized operations that use the least possible amount of energy.

What about the environmental impact?

The installation of the smart hoods and updating the electromechanical systems have brought about an annual reduction of 32 tonnes of GHG emissions!

Consulting the experts

For Convivio, working with experts is a key factor in the success of its energy efficiency drive. By engaging a multidisciplinary team, the organization was able to leverage a wide range of expertise. Today, thanks to the combined know-how of Hydro-Québec and power management specialists, Convivio has attained its objectives.

Discussion Ferme d'Hiver

“By getting on board with the collective effort to reduce demand during peak events and doing a top-to-bottom review of the energy efficiency of its IGA supermarkets, Convivio has succeeded in reducing its energy costs, savings that will continue to be felt for years to come. Hydro‑Québec is proud to be part of this initiative and support local food retailers.”

— François Villeneuve, Account Representative, Hydro‑Québec

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