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The project

Paper processes are energy intensive, and an important part of the production costs stem from this significant energy use. Kruger’s equipment was aging, and the company sought solutions that would help improve its profitability and reduce its carbon footprint. An action plan was implemented in collaboration with our experts to upgrade the manufacturing assets and lower Kruger’s electricity bill.

The Crabtree plant, which manufactures products for home and industrial use, had tremendous potential to yield energy efficiency gains. The solution? Replace the shutters with variable-frequency drives to vary the air flow of the convection dryer on one of the machines and control the motors on the other three. The measure has reduced the plant’s energy use by 3,258,880 kWh a year and lowered its annual electricity bill by $153,000.

The financial assistance totalling more than $900,000 granted under the Efficient Solutions Program enabled Kruger to shorten the payback period on its investment, reduce its carbon footprint and increase its profitability.

“For us, the key is being able to count on programs like Efficient Solutions and take action now to see tangible results. The savings that are generated are reinvested in other energy efficiency projects to further reduce our consumption.”

— Maxime Cossette, Corporate Vice President, Fiber, Biomaterials and Sustainability, Kruger

Business partners: Kruger and Hydro‑Québec

For Kruger, the impacts of the energy efficiency projects reach far beyond operational performance. The company is especially focused on its social and environmental impacts. As a business partner, Hydro‑Québec takes part in discussions upstream of decision-making, proposes solutions that are adapted to the sector, and contributes to the company’s action plans. A true agent of change, Kruger is prepared to take risks in the search for innovative solutions and implement tangible actions for the future of our planet—a vision that is perfectly aligned with Hydro‑Québec’s.

About Kruger

Kruger, a Québec company whose mission is to transform renewable resources into everyday essentials, is an energy efficiency leader. It operates in traditional industrial sectors, like pulp and paper, cardboard and packaging. In 2004, it founded Kruger Energy, a subsidiary that specializes in the development and management of renewable energy generating stations. Anchored in the core value of protecting people, communities and the environment, Kruger is committed to reducing its environmental impacts in every way possible.

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