Why choose the Simplified Option?

By signing up for the Efficient Solutions Program’s Simplified Option, you’ll take your renovation, retrofit or construction project up a notch.

Financial assistance

that definitely makes your investment more worthwhile

Greater energy efficiency

that lowers your operating costs

An easy calculation tool

that will tell you about the financial assistance you may be eligible for

A flexible source of energy*

from a sole energy supplier that covers all your energy needs (lighting, heating, cooling, etc.)

Clean power*

over 99% renewable, that helps you position your company as environmentally responsible

*The advantages of hydropower

Play a key role with clients

Are you an engineer, developer, architect, contractor or master electrician? The Efficient Solutions Program lets you give your clients a competitive edge and makes you stand out in the market. It’s simple—everybody wins!

Find out how to become a project aggregator

Calculate* the amount of financial assistance that you could receive

A quick and effective tool to:

  • assess the amount of financial assistance to which you are entitled
  • validate the eligibility of your initiatives
  • submit your request for financial assistance

*Download the latest version of the software to take advantage of the most recent program updates.
Current version updated on August 25, 2021 :
version 2.1

Download the OSE tool [EXE 13 MB
– in French only]

How to use the OSE financial assistance calculation tool (In French only)

Duration: 2 minutes 26 seconds

Transcript of the OSE tool video

Transcript of the video (In French only) Outil OSE

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    Participant’s Guide, program eligibility and other useful tools

    To be eligible, your project must:

    • be implemented in at least one eligible building
    • target measures designed to improve the energy efficiency of a building, a plant, a piece of equipment, a process or a system

    The Participant’s Guide contains a full list of eligibility criteria.

    Download the Guide [PDF 620 Kb – in French only]

    Other tools and legal documents

    *Document for project aggregators – In French only

    Over 200 measures available to businesses

    Read about the main energy efficiency solutions among over 200 eligible measures eligible under the Simplified Option:

    • Thermal envelope improvements
    • Installation of roof units with heat pumps
    • Geothermal systems
    • Heat recovery systems (for gray water, air and pool areas)
    • Installation of heat pumps
    • Aerothermal systems
    • Installation of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) (range hood, HVAC system)
    • Use of efficient cooling systems and air conditioners
    • Refrigeration of food for grocery stores (CO2, ammonia, HFC)
    • Refrigeration of ice surfaces for arenas and curling rinks (CO2, ammonia, HFC)
    • Use of efficient ski hill snow cannons
    • Compressed air
      • Use of efficient compressors with VFD, desiccant air dryers, storage
      • Up to 200 HP
    • Electrotechnologies for industrial processes (e.g., induction heating)
      • Up to 150 kW
    • Installation of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) for pumping processes
      • Up to 500 HP
    • Cooling methods
      • Cooling systems
        • Water chillers up to 1,500 tonnes
        • Air coolers up to 150 tonnes
      • Use of volumetric and centrifugal chillers, with or without VFD
    • LED lighting
      • Use of lighting fixtures and DLC Premium lighting fixtures
      • Use of retrofit kits and lamps (pin-based bulbs and mogul base bulbs)
      • Adaptive control
      • Horticultural lighting (photosynthesis)
    • Solar energy (preheating air and water)

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    Efficient Solutions Program – Customized Option

    The measures you have in mind aren’t eligible for the Simplified Option? Our Customized Option could enable you to implement innovative efficiency measures that are just right for your company.

    More about the Customized Option

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