Energy efficiency can be described as the ability to optimize our consumption by using energy more wisely and rationally. In other words, it’s a matter of consuming less and better to achieve a similar result. How? By applying the 3Rs of energy: to reduce, recover and replace.

  • Reduce by adopting efficient and effective actions and measures
  • Recover by making use of the energy that would otherwise be lost
  • Replace by relying on more efficient equipment

It pays to be energy wise!

When you start planning a construction or renovation project, think about integrating the most effective energy efficiency measures: implementing the most innovative technologies, equipment and processes will constitute a key asset for your business.

Through its programs and diversified service offer, Hydro‑Québec helps businesses make wise choices. The Efficient Solutions Program offers a wide range of measures as part of an energy efficiency project and provides significant financial assistance. For more complex initiatives, Hydro-Québec’s team of experts can help business customers develop a tailored plan in the project’s earliest stages to take full advantage of the Program’s benefits and achieve their objectives.

Very real benefits

  • Lower your costs: Reduce your operating costs by becoming more efficient.
  • Increase your productivity and competitiveness: Use energy‑efficient equipment and innovative processes to produce more with less and stand out in your market.
  • Help decarbonize Québec: Contribute to the province’s decarbonization and the fight against climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Enhance your brand image: Demonstrate that you share the eco‑responsible values that conscious consumers are looking for and boost your brand image.