Nature of the project

Existing installation


Installation of:

  • 100 high-bay LED fixtures (20,000 lm) featured on the DLC Premium list in 4,000 m2 of supermarket space
  • A refrigeration system that uses compressed CO2

Area of activity

  • Supermarket

financial assistance $56,390

NEW: Financial assistance may cover up to 75% of eligible costs.

Project details

Measures implemented Financial assistance
Installation of 100 high-bay LED fixtures featured on the DLC Premium list (assistance up to $61/fixture) $9,150
Purchase and installation of a CO2 compressor – 20 t load in low temperatures (Parallel compression) $8,725
Purchase and installation of a CO2 compressor – 80 t in average temperatures (Parallel compression) $15,680
Heat recovery from compressors – for space heating $19,375
Heat recovery from compressors – for residential hot-water heating $3,460
Total $56,390*
*Figures are rounded.

Benefit of the new financial assistance plan

  • Increase of $3,055: 6% more than under the previous plan

Benefits of the measures and program

  • Reduced electricity use
  • Heat recovery to provide large amounts of hot water and space heating
  • Natural cooling
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency of LED fixtures qualified by DesignLights Consortium
  • Reduction in electricity consumption for lighting, up to 55% over market comparables for DLC Premium luminaires with occupancy sensors
  • Major reduction in maintenance costs related to lighting thanks to long LED service life
  • Better lighting quality and look of rooms (lighting color, uniformity and level)
  • Easy to estimate financial assistance with the OSE tool [EXE 13 MB – in French only]

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