Nature of the project

Existing installation

Project description

Québec-based electrical contractors (i.e., master electricians) selling and installing LED lighting products featured on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) list or product distributors selling these products.

The project involves installing Premium LED light fixtures with occupancy sensors in two schools and with adaptive controls in a superstore, as well as a high-bay version in a supermarket.

Area of activity

Multiple areas of activity are targeted:

  • Educational institutions (such as public or private high schools, colleges or universities)
  • Retail superstores
  • Supermarkets

financial assistance $40,565

Project details

Measures implemented Financial assistance
38 LED fixtures (20,000 lumens) featured on the DLC list with occupancy detector** (maximum assistance of $31 per fixture) $1,175
500 LED fixtures (6,000 lumens) featured on the DLC list with occupancy detector (maximum assistance of $10 per fixture) $4,975
225 LED fixtures (20,000 lumens) featured on the DLC list with adaptive control** (maximum assistance of $117 per fixture) $26,340
100 high-bay LED fixtures (20,000 lumens) featured on the DLC list (maximum assistance of $80.75 per fixture) $8,075
Total $40,565*
*Figures are rounded.
**You’ll receive an extra 30% when you install occupancy sensors and an extra 50% if you add adaptive controls with metering.

Benefits of the measures and program

  • Guaranteed energy efficiency of LED fixtures qualified by DesignLights Consortium
  • Up to 48% less electricity used when lighting with DLC Premium light fixtures compared with the market benchmark
  • Save even more with adaptive controls designed to adjust lighting to meet needs
  • Major reduction in maintenance costs related to lighting thanks to longer service life of LED fixtures
  • Better lighting quality and look of rooms (lighting color, uniformity and level)
  • Easy to estimate financial assistance with the OSE tool

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