Reducing energy costs by nearly

$1.6 million a year

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Reducing energy costs by nearly

$1.6 million a year

Innovation to benefit the community

The Parc olympique is a place of fun and discovery for Quebecers and tourists alike. As a key driver of economic and tourism development, it is especially conscious of its environmental impact and remains committed to playing an active role in the sound management of our collective resources. With that in mind, the Parc olympique has implemented solutions to improve its energy efficiency.

A major plan

The Parc olympique encompasses several facilities, including the Olympic Stadium, Montréal Tower and Olympic pool. Owned by the government of Québec, it aims to set an example in all aspects of management, and its energy use is no exception. Because the park’s facilities were built several years ago and the equipment was obsolete, there were opportunities for sizeable energy efficiency gains.

Seeking to reduce its energy bill and overall operating budget, the park called upon consulting engineer and the experts at Hydro‑Québec. Among the solutions that were implemented is the refurbishment of the thermal generating station that was put into service in 1976. The vast underground facilities did not allow for optimized efficiency because several of the cooling units struggled to regulate their operation. Four units were replaced by more recent models and, as a result, the organization reduced its energy consumption and operating costs. In addition to refurbishing the thermal generating station, the Parc olympique replaced 18,000 neon lights with LED fixtures.

Maurice Landry

“The experts at Hydro‑Québec, the Parc olympique and the engineering firm worked together to target the energy efficiency projects that would yield the greatest impact, maximize the financial assistance available to us and reduce our GHG emissions. A clear picture of the situation helped us make informed decisions.”

— Maurice Landry, Senior Vice-President, Infrastructure and Project Management, Parc olympique
Maurice Landry

Thanks to nearly $900,000 in financial support from Hydro‑Québec, the Parc olympique’s energy efficiency plan has led to annual savings of $1.6 million by saving nearly 8.4 GWh. The lighting component alone helps save $300,000 a year. Beyond the financial gains, the energy efficiency measures enable the park to generate close to 82% fewer GHG emissions compared to 2012. Overall, the project has the same impact as taking 1,800 vehicles off the road.

A committed team

The Parc olympique team undertook this wide-ranging energy efficiency plan with a view to reduce its operating costs and, more importantly, take significant action for the environment. It grasped the full potential of the energy efficiency offers and programs. The teams immediately came together and established a close collaboration.

“Over the years, Hydro‑Québec has become a true business partner for the Parc olympique. We will certainly pursue the partnership over the coming years since several other projects are currently under study.”

— Julie Grégoire, Senior Account Representative, Large-Power Customers, Hydro‑Québec

Managers and decision makers have a decisive influence within society and the power to spark change. By joining forces with experts, they can make their energy projects a success.

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