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The project

Sustainable development and the environment are top priorities for Groupe Robert. From electrifying its fleet of trucks to implementing energy efficiency measures and opting for sustainable construction methods in its expansion projects, this leader in trucking, logistics and storage in Canada makes every effort to limit its carbon footprint. Participating in the collective effort associated with the energy transition was simply the logical next step.

In 2016, when the Hydro‑Québec account representative assigned to the company told them about the Demand Response (DR) Option for their refrigerated warehouses, Groupe Robert’s management immediately welcomed the idea. This surprisingly simple measure costs nothing, requires no shutdown of the company’s activities, leads to significant savings and reflects the company’s desire to protect the environment as much as possible. It was an easy decision to make.

The DR Option: The logical choice

When it’s very cold out, Hydro-Québec’s power grid is under the greatest pressure. While homes and many companies in Québec try to stay warm, Groupe Robert’s refrigerated warehousing and storage division welcomes the cold. When Hydro-Québec sends the company peak demand event notifications to request they reduce their energy use, the company seizes the opportunity to not only contribute to the collective effort to reduce the pressure on the grid, but also to make significant savings.

How? Simply by shutting off the refrigeration system in its warehouses and keeping the doors closed for a few hours. It’s easy to do, costs nothing, and helps the company to lower its electricity bill. Even better, when winter is over, Groupe Robert receives a credit for the curtailed kilowatts. Currently, the company has a $500,000 credit that can be used for other projects.

“ For us and for our teams, the DR Option is the obvious choice. It’s part of a normal process and it’s an approach we intend to adopt in our current and future centers. ”

— M. Michel Robert, President and CEO of Groupe Robert

Business partners: Groupe Robert and Hydro‑Québec

Groupe Robert has been able to count on Hydro‑Québec’s support for several years now. For the company, integrating the DR Option is not only about money. In each of its business decisions, the company makes every effort to limit the impact of its activities on the community and the environment. Measures such as the DR Option are very much in line with the company’s values. Marc‑Antoine Bucci, Director – Building Management and Projects, and Lyne Dagenais, Account Representative at Hydro‑Québec, work together on a regular basis on Groupe Robert’s various projects.

“We work well with our account representative. Whenever we have an energy-related project, we contact Lyne. She tells us about the available programs and financial assistance options. We couldn’t be happier with how well we work together.”

— Marc‑Antoine Bucci, Director – Building Management and Projects at Groupe Robert

When one thing leads to another...

Thanks to this ongoing collaboration, Groupe Robert is able to identify what actions to take when it comes to energy efficiency. As an account representative, Lyne proposes various programs and consulting services based on what is most appropriate and provides support by calling on Hydro-Québec specialists. Over time, new possibilities have arisen with regard to saving energy and maximizing the return on the company’s investments, resulting in several projects and initiatives, some of which have already been implemented while others are currently underway:

  • Increased participation in the DR Option
  • Efficient lighting projects, integrated into the improvements made to the company’s buildings over the years
  • The electrification of terminal tractors, a project for which the company received consulting services from Hydro‑Québec regarding charging and rate management
  • The electrification of the company’s fleet of trucks

Based on the success of these projects, Groupe Robert turned to Lyne Dagenais in the early stages of the construction of a new, state-of-the-art building in Varennes. Given the company’s positive experience with the DR Option, it intends to take advantage of this solution once again for its new refrigerated warehouse, and to prioritize the automation of the new distribution center.

And that’s just the beginning. Several other initiatives are on the table and will surely make Groupe Robert a leader in its sector in terms of energy efficiency.

About Groupe Robert

Founded in 1946, Groupe Robert specializes in truck transportation, logistics and storage. With its approximately 418,063 square metres of storage space, 41 distribution centers and terminals and its vehicle fleet of 1,000 tractors and 3,000 trailers, the company is a leader in logistics in both Canada and North America. Aware that with their leadership role comes responsibility, Groupe Robert decided to prioritize sustainable development and the reduction of its environmental footprint. In every facet of its activities, the company uses concrete and efficient measures to reduce its impact on the environment—from decreasing its fuel consumption to lowering its GHG emissions, implementing energy efficiency measures and acquiring a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles.

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