Replace your current fans and/or add new ones



  • Energy savings of more than 20% over the life of the equipment
  • Better, more consistent mechanical performance
  • Greater durability
  • Optimal year-round comfort
  • Shorter payback period for your investment


For cooling fans (tunnel or longitudinal ventilation –36 to 61 inches) and exhaust fans or cross-ventilation fans (8 to 36 inches), funding of $3/in., depending on the diameter, is available. 1

1. The funding must total at least $100.

Eligibility criteria

The fans must meet the technical requirements established by Hydro‑Québec, as specified in the Efficient Solutions OSE tool.

See the Farm building ventilation brochure

How to participate in the program

Make your project a reality by purchasing and installing eligible energy efficient products and systems. Then apply for funding in just a few clicks!

Read the Participant’s Guide

Before you start your project, make sure you understand the eligibility requirements and program terms and conditions.

Go to Participant’s Guide

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Use the Efficient Solutions OSE tool to evaluate the amount of funding you could receive for your project and send in your application once the products are installed.

Important note:

  • The funding must total at least $100.
  • The program requirements were modified on April 2, 2024. If you began the application process prior that date, please refer to the transitional rules.
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Carry out your project with a partner

You can also work with a partner (specialized company, equipment manufacturer, consulting engineering firm, etc.) that will support you in the process and provide all the required documents. Partners may also receive incentive compensation.


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