Competition is stronger than ever, and you have every reason to adopt eco-responsible solutions that will set you apart.

Taking your farming business to the next level depends on the energy efficiency of your facilities. Whatever the nature of your farming activities, Hydro‑Québec provides efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to optimize your electricity consumption and lower your operating costs.

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Discover leading-edge processes and technologies to help you do more while consuming less. See our recommendations by business sector.

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Energy efficiency tips

Efficiently managing your energy consumption can help you improve your business’s bottom line and gain a competitive edge. If you own a building or industrial site, consider these energy efficiency tips, which could even increase your property’s market value.
Tips to help you be energy wise

Do you own a small business? A few quick and easy steps can help you save energy, reduce your consumption and improve your bottom line.

Tips for small business owners

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Track your daily electricity use with a next-generation meter.

See and compare your daily, monthly and yearly data.


The VigieLigne service is a simple, easy‑to‑use tool to help you understand your electricity consumption. Access your latest consumption data anywhere, anytime.

Get specific measurements to improve your energy performance.

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Our rates are based on the consumption profile of our different customer categories. See our Rates and rate options page to learn more.

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