If you were offered a business solution to lower your electricity bill and contribute to the collective effort to support the energy transition, would you seize the opportunity? Here in Québec, our winters put offers like that within reach! Just curb your power demand during peak demand periods.

Our two main offers:

  • Manage your own power reduction strategy with the Demand Response (DR) Option.
  • Let our subsidiary Hilo automate your power reduction for you.

Even more flexible and beneficial

The terms of the DR Option were revised to better meet your needs.

  • Compensation levels were adjusted upwards.
  • The threshold for effective power demand reduction was decreased from 15 kW to 10 kW. Reduce your energy consumption without affecting your activities.

Demand Response (DR) Option

The DR Option puts you in line to receive a credit at the end of the winter period. This credit is calculated based on your power demand reduction during peak events, which take place during periods of high demand.

It’s flexible and there’s no contract to sign: you choose how to reduce your electricity use during peak demand events.

You can sign up for and manage this option through your Customer Space or the large-power customer portal.

Hilo smart energy service

Our subsidiary Hilo offers easy-to-use, reliable technological solutions to automatically manage your power demand during winter peaks.

At the end of the season, you’ll receive cash rewards for every kilowatthour (kWh) curtailed.

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Key advantages

Demand Response (DR) Option

No contractual or equipment requirements.

Choose your own power reduction strategies for peak demand events.

Hilo smart energy service

Let Hilo define and automate your power reduction strategies during peak events through its Hilo Challenges, in collaboration with your building manager.

How it works

Demand Response (DR) Option

  1. Receive an email notification prior to each peak demand event.
  2. Choose your own reduction strategies: shift your consumption, use a production line that requires less energy, use an alternative energy source, etc. These can be programmed into your current systems.
  3. Your credit will appear on your bill at the end of the winter period.

Hilo smart energy service

  1. Receive an email notification the day before each Hilo Challenge.
  2. Track your building’s energy performance and see your rewards using the online tool.
  3. Get your cash reward at the end of the winter period.

Credits and rewards

Demand Response (DR) Option

The increased credit is now between $49.171 and $71.025 per kilowatt (kW) of effective interruptible power, provided the average reduction is at least 10 kW

Hilo smart energy service

Cash rewards of $0.50 per kWh saved during Hilo Challenges

Eligible rates

Demand Response (DR) Option

DP, DM, G, G9, M and LG

Hilo smart energy service

DM, M, G9 and G

Calculating potential savings

Demand Response (DR) Option

Use our online tool to estimate the amount of the credit that could be applied to your bill at the end of the winter period.

Estimate my business’s credit

Hilo smart energy service

Have Hilo carry out a free audit to figure out the best strategies to maximize the curtailment potential of your buildings and estimate your potential rewards.

Check your buildings’ eligibility

Equipment needed

Demand Response (DR) Option


Hilo smart energy service

Each building must have a centralized control system compatible with Hilo’s technology.

Investment required to participate

Demand Response (DR) Option


Hilo smart energy service

Hilo will subsidize a portion of the installation and programming costs. Remaining project costs will be financed by the rewards over a five-year period.


Demand Response (DR) Option


Hilo smart energy service

A five-year contract with our subsidiary Hilo.

More information

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