Hydro-Québec is looking for partners and project aggregators who would like to promote the Efficient Solutions Program to their customers.

What is a partner under the Efficient Solutions Program?

Support your customers’ energy efficiency projects while offering them clean energy that is more than 99% renewable, and improve your competitive edge in the process.

The role of the Hydro-Québec partner and its advantages

Identify and analyze potential energy efficiency projects and receive compensation based on the scope of the projects carried out.

Simplified Option

Receive up to 5% of the financial assistance awarded for all your projects carried out over a one-year period.

Customized Option

Receive 1¢ per kWh saved, up to a maximum of $50,000 per project.

Dramatically increase your business footprint.

Position your company as a leader in green energy.

Improve your competitive edge.

Help your customers take advantage of great offers.

Be an energy efficiency ambassador.

Support the transition to clean energy that is more than 99% renewable.

Who can become a partner?

Any company or organization established in Québec is eligible, including:

  • Specialized contractors
  • Equipment distributors
  • Consulting engineers
  • Energy efficiency services companies
  • Customer associations
  • Members of one of these groups

Why not submit your customers’ projects? Become a project aggregator.

The role of project aggregator and its advantages

Receive the financial assistance directly.

Receive the financial assistance at the end of each project.

Simplify your customers’ lives.

Be the only one to deal with Hydro-Québec, at every stage of the project.

Represent customers who otherwise would not have access to the program.

Help contractors benefit from Hydro-Québec programs.

Support your customer’s projects thanks to the Efficient Solutions Program.

Receive, or help your customers receive, financial assistance of up to 75% of the eligible costs thanks to an array of energy efficiency measures, more than 200 of which are predefined.

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Learn about the Innovative projects program [in French only]

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