Data centers calling Québec home get to celebrate a triple win: a world-class tech hub, a highly-skilled workforce, and some of the lowest operating costs around.

Expertise that plays in the big leagues

For over 20 years, Québec has been on an upward trajectory in regard to its expertise in the ICT goods sector, making waves in areas like telecoms, microelectronics, instrumentation, and computer and software services.

ABB, Cisco, Dell, Emerson, HP, IBM and Schneider Electric are just some of the international players who have flocked to Québec to optimize their data center performance.

Want more? How about names like Kaloom, NoviFlow and Reflex Photonics? They’re all dedicated data center developers located right here in Québec.

Dive into a deep talent pool

Fuelled by 250 researchers in AI and data-related programs plus 75,000 associated specialists, Montréal boasts the dual title of Canada’s #1 university research hub and world leader in AI and deep learning.

Nearly 3,600 graduates enter the workforce each year armed with degrees in computer engineering, electrical engineering and related fields from Québec’s 11 universities and higher learning institutions.

key players in Montreal’s rapidly growing artificial intelligence sector are intent on transforming the city into a Silicon Valley of AI. [...] Impressive amounts of cash have been flowing into academia, public-private partnerships, research labs and startups active in AI in the Montreal area.

Innovation is our playground

Our IT sector is bursting with world-renowned companies and talent in niche markets including entertainment tech, cloud gaming, specialized motion picture software, artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer science and telecoms.

Outside-the-box brands like Ubisoft, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Cinesite, Maluuba/Microsoft, and Element AI have all found their creative playground in Québec.

See what some of these key players are saying about our booming tech industry:

Video: Montréal World-Class Tech Hub 2017

Montréal is among the hottest places to grow your business and dive into the high tech and the artificial intelligence fields!

Discover why major key players such as Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft, LightSpeed, Busbud, Maluuba, Rodeo FX and many more companies decided to invest in Montreal!

Just a couple of hours down the road from the metropolis of Montréal, savvy Québec City is also seriously on the tech scene and ready to get down to business with you. Data center clients there are specialized in key sectors like optics/photonics, geospatial technologies, digital arts, interactive entertainment and video games, software development and electronics. Whew!

The city of Québec, the capital of the province of Québec, Canada

Quebec’s competitive electricity rates and proximity to Montreal’s burgeoning tech scene have made the city a cloud-computing destination

Canadian Business, March 2017

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