Hydro-Québec’s Robert-Bourassa generating facility and reservoir (5,616 MW), Baie‑James, Québec, Canada 

There’s power in numbers.
Here are some of ours!

99% clean energy

Produce nearly 45% of all hydropower generated in Canada

4.4 million customers across Québec

Total assets: C$81 billion

Nearly 20,000 employees

State-of-the-art transmission system: 21,620 miles of high-voltage lines

34,800 km

37,231 MW
of installed capacity

More than 25 years
of solid partnership with the US

Source: Hydro-Québec, Annual Report 2020

Go on a breathtaking 360° virtual reality tour of Baie-James! At 17,418 megawatts, it’s the largest generating complex in North America.

We’re leading the way

A clean energy partner

With over 99% clean, renewable energy mainly generated by water and wind, Hydro‑Québec is the perfect partner for the energy transition.

Research and innovation

A ranking published in 2017 by Re$earch Infosource lists Hydro-Québec as the #1 in the Electrical Power & Utilities category among Canada’s top 100 corporate R&D spenders, thanks to IREQ, our world-class research institute.

IREQ is a true technological leader with its 400 researchers and technicians in specialized fields, such as:

  • Pioneering grid-scale energy storage
  • Supercomputer architecture for scientific purposes
  • Hybrid architecture
  • Operation/monitoring/evolution of supercomputers
  • Use of advanced HPC technology
  • Local and distributed parallel computing (strongly and loosely coupled)
  • Robotics

Québec: A strategic move

With standout talent and a high concentration of technology industries, Québec is strategically positioned as North America’s East coast hub. Major players set up shop in Québec through existing colocation companies.

20 years of solid partnerships with the US

For the past two decades, Hydro-Québec has been a proud business partner of New York State and New England, selling clean, reliable and competitively priced electricity to these US wholesale markets.

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