With over 99% clean, renewable energy generated mainly by water and wind, Hydro-Québec is one of the cleanest, most eco-friendly energy partners around.

99%? Now that’s some serious green power.

2018 data
Hydro-Québec’s Daniel-Johnson dam in the Manicouagan valley, Québec, Canada 

This is what clean looks like

Hydro-Québec’s electricity production and purchases (2017)

Energy transparency: an independant audit was conducted by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec to evaluate statements regarding energy sources.

Graph illustrating that Hydro-Québec's electricity production is 99% renewable.

GHG emissions-electricity mix by province and country (g CO2 eq./kWh)

Value shown corresponds to the generation, purchase, import, transmission and distribution of electric power (life cycle based).

Source: CIRAIG (International Reference Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services), 2014
grams of CO2 equivalent
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Rocky Mountain Institute

Hydro-Québec, proud member of the Rocky Mountain Institute

How substantial could your savings be? Let’s look under the hood.

Reduce your REC purchases to almost nil

With over 99% of our electricity generated mainly from water and wind, the need to compensate with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) becomes a thing of the past.

Meet your energy efficiency goals

Our clean energy and energy-efficiency programs can help you attain various environmental standards or certifications, including LEED. Discover how we’ve adapted our programs specifically for data centers and how we can help you keep your PUE ratio low.

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Each year, a 100-GWh data center deployed in Québec avoids

41,000 tonnes
of GHG emissions compared with a similar facility in Virginia

42,000 tonnes
of GHG emissions compared with a similar facility in North Carolina

4,000 tonnes
of GHG emissions compared with a similar facility in Toronto

Source: Energy Information Administration, 2015

We take our responsibilities seriously

In addition to providing electricity that is some of the cleanest in the world, Hydro-Québec also implements responsible and sustainable business practices—ones that meet both the highest industry standards and our customers’ expectations.

To learn more about our efforts to apply the principles of sustainable development in all aspects of our operations, consult our Sustainability Report 2017.

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