Québec boasts some of the lowest and most stable electricity rates in North America.

Hydro-Québec’s headquarters, Montréal, Québec, Canada 

Starting at US 2.80¢/kWh,
transmission and distribution included

Yes, you read that right.

Electricity rates so low, they make you look twice

In Québec, we offer you a rate as low as US 2.80¢/kWh, transmission and distribution included. Yes, you read that right.

How substantial could your savings be? Let’s look under the hood.

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Rate comparaison

Comparative index of electricity prices

Large-power customers

Comparative index of electricity prices for large-power customers that demonstrates that Montréal boast some of the lowest electricity prices in North America.

Consumption: 3,060,000 kWh/month
Power demand: 5,000 kW
Voltage: 25 kV

Source: Hydro-Québec, 2020

Rates and options*

Our extremely low, stable rates give your business a competitive edge and boost your bottom line. A range of rates and pricing options are available, tailored to your usage:

  • Business customer rates (LG and M)
  • Additional rate option for eligible clients: Economic Development Rate (EDR) offers a reduction of up to 20% of these rates:2
    • The (EDR), which ends in 2027, offers up to 20% off rate LG or rate M. It includes a gradual transition to undiscounted rate (LG or M) over three years, starting in 2024. So the sooner you sign up, the more you save.
  • Optional Demand Response program (DRP):
    • Our Demand Response program encourages businesses to reduce their power demand during Hydro-Québec’s peak winter periods. By participating, you get financial assistance from Hydro-Québec, and we get to meet our customers’ power needs. Win-win!
Demand exceeded 5,000 kW
Demand exceeded 50 kW
Examples of rates C¢/kWh US¢/kWh 1
Large-power rate (LG)2 4.98 3.50
Large-power rate + TDE (if eligible)3 3.98 2.80


  1. Exchange rate: C$1 = US$0.7034, as at April 1, 2020.
  2. Rate LG (large power with minimum billing demand of 5,000 kW or more) effective April 1, 2019 (transmission and distribution included) for 120-kV supply with 95% load factor.
  3. Includes Economic Development Rate reduction of 20% (if eligible). A gradual transition to undiscounted Rate LG follows over three years before the reduction expires in 2027.
  4. Hydro-Québec’s rates are approved by Québec’s regulatory body, the Régie de l’énergie. Eligibility for a rate depends on certain conditions. To determine your eligibility for a rate, contact us or visit Hydro-Québec’s electricity rates.
  5. Applicable taxes not included.

*Rates and eligibility conditions are subject to change without notice. Hydro-Québec assumes no responsibility for any costs or expenses incurred or which may be incurred due to a change made to the rates or eligibility conditions.

Stable rates: tried, tested and true!

Hydro-Québec customers enjoy a solid history of rate stability, with the lowest inflation rate of any type of energy:

  • The average annual rate increase for the last 20 years is 1.4%
  • Hydro-Québec has committed to keeping increases at or below the rate of inflation until 2020
  • Because Hydro-Québec’s electricity is more than 99% produced from water and wind, our rates are not subject to the volatility of oil and gas prices

It’s a low-cost option you can count on. See for yourself!

Price stability you can see

Sources: Hydro-Québec, Régie de l’énergie, Bloomberg Oil Buyer’s Guide and Statistics Canada 2017 data for oil and natural gas

Operating costs that make business sense

Of these eight potential North American data center locations, Montréal boasts the lowest property costs, the lowest utility costs, and the second-lowest labor costs. At US$2.19 million a year, it enjoys the lowest overall operating costs: 28% lower than the average of US$3.24 million (source of data: Financial Times).

As you know, the lower you keep these numbers, the more hard-earned revenue stays in your business.

It’s a no brainer.

Total annual operating costs overview

Chart showing that Montreal has the lowest annual operating costs in those potential North American data center locations: Toronto, Vancouver, Portland, Houston, Fairfax, Boston and San Francisco.

Note: The annual operating costs presented above include labor, property and utilities.

Source: fDi Benchmark from the Financial Times Ltd 2017

Say so long to REC reliance with over 99% clean energy

Paying one of the lowest energy rates in North America gives your business an instant advantage. And with over 99% of our electricity generated mainly using water and wind, the need to compensate for GHG emissions with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) becomes a thing of the past—and that makes you a leader for the future.

Sound too good to be true? Yeah, we get that a lot!

Trenche generating station (302 MW) on the Saint-Maurice in Québec, Canada

PUE: Keeping the ratio low

When it comes to energy usage, low numbers make everyone happy. Some of Hydro-Québec’s customers have a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.1. What’s your number?

Energy efficiency: we’ve got it down

We excel at energy efficiency. We can help you lower your building’s energy consumption and your PUE ratio.

We offer a grant to help you improve your facility’s energy and cost efficiency, PUE and eco-friendliness. Subject to eligibility requirements, the grant for eligible annual electricity represents up to US$0.13/kWh in savings for new businesses, and US$0.14/kWh for existing businesses.

Allow us to show you around our energy efficiency offers that have been specially adapted for data centers.

Nobody keeps their cool like Québec

Thanks to its favorable location in the north, Québec enjoys a climate that supports the optimal use of cooling systems, which reduces operating costs. Because it’s frequently cold outside, free water-cooling is possible for more than 60% of the year.

Water-side free cooling is possible for more than 60% of the year.

City Québec (QC) Montréal (QC) Quincy (WA) New York (NY) Lenoir (NC) Ashburn (VA) San José (CA) Dallas (TX) Jacksonville (FL)
Average annual temperature
Change temperature scale
0.16C$/kWh (based on an exchange rate of C$1 = US$0.80, as of July 28, 2017)
0.18C$/kWh (based on an exchange rate of C$1 = US$0.80, as of July 28, 2017)

Amazon chooses Montreal for its Canadian data center operations due to cheaper hydro costs than Ontario

National Post, December 2016

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