If you are a Rate L customer and can exercise some load-shaving capability at Hydro‑Québec’s request, these options offer a great opportunity for you to save money on your winter electricity bill.

With these interruptible electricity options for Rate L customers, Hydro‑Québec offers you credits in exchange for curtailing your electricity consumption at its request.

These options were developed to help balance electricity supply and demand in Québec. By limiting your power consumption during the periods requested by Hydro-Québec, you contribute to a wiser use of our collective resources. In return, Hydro‑Québec pays you the equivalent of what it spends when it buys power on open markets.

Sign-up procedure

You must submit your request to Hydro‑Québec, indicating your proposed interruptible power, before October 1.

Your interruptible power must be at least 3,000 kW, or 20% of the maximum contract power over the last 12 consumption periods ending at the end of the consumption period that precedes October 1.

Conditions applicable to interruptions

Conditions Option I Option II
Advance notice – Weekdays 2 hours 2 hours
Advance notice – Weekends 15:30 the preceding day 15:30 the preceding day
Maximum number of interruptions per day 2 1
Minimum interval between 2 interruptions in the same day 4 hours 16 hours
Maximum number of interruptions per winter period 20 10
Duration of an interruption 4–5 hours 4–5 hours
Maximum duration of interruptions per winter period 100 hours 50 hours

Financial compensation

Option I

Fixed credit:

Variable credit:

  • 20.787¢ per kilowatthour of effective hourly interruptible power for each of the first 20 interruption hours;
  • 25.983¢ per kilowatthour of effective hourly interruptible power for each hour between the 21st and the 40th interruption hours inclusive; and
  • 31.180¢ per kilowatthour of effective hourly interruptible power for each of the 60 subsequent interruption hours.

Option II

Fixed credit:

Variable credit:

Examples of total credits (fixed and variable)

Interruption hours Option I
Total credit
Option II
Total credit
10 hours 156¢/kWh 88¢/kWh
20 hours  88¢/kWh 55¢/kWh
30 hours  68¢/kWh 43¢/kWh
40 hours  57¢/kWh 38¢/kWh
50 hours  52¢/kWh 34¢/kWh
60 hours  49¢/kWh  —
70 hours  46¢/kWh  —
80 hours  44¢/kWh  —
90 hours  43¢/kWh  —
100 hours  42¢/kWh  —

Overrun penalties

If you don’t honor the terms of your agreement, you will be subject to a penalty.

For more information

If you have any questions about these rate options, contact your commercial officer or designated agent. You can also reach our Business customer services by phone at 1 800 463‑9900 or by email at business@hydro.qc.ca.

This information has been simplified. For more details about the Interruptible Electricity Options for Rate L customers, consult the following sections of the Electricity Rates: